Throwback tune: Bob Sinclar – World, Hold On

It’s been 10 years since Bob Sinclar dropped his now classic anthem: World, Hold On.

What a record this is.

Blending groovy classic house vibes with some incredible vocals from Steve Edwards, this tune is something special and is one which is absolutely timeless with the vocals still heard regularly in sets today. Beginning with some classic drum rhythms topped with that iconic bassline on top, what really strikes us is the ridiculous strings that feature throughout the track and act as the undertone which perfectly suit Edwards excellent vocal efforts.

The melancholic strings and uplifting vocals are accompanied by some groovy synths and looped over the timeless whistling which is a clear nod to none other than the godfather of house music himself- Frankie Knuckles.  The atmospheric and emotional breakdown takes us deeper and deeper before the track drops into an immense house rhythm. A deep groove so powerful it makes us all feel that euphoric rush that reminds us why house music is so mighty.

This is one of those tracks that we will always remember. This is one of those records that serve as the soundtrack of our lives. It is the Strings of Life for the modern generation. Timeless production, impeccable vocals. A modern day masterpiece.

World, hold on.

And who could forget Professor Axwell’s legendary take: