Tiesto & Bobby Puma – Make Me Dizzy

Tiesto and Bobby Puma are no strangers to each other’s work, with the Dutchman having previously made one of his infamous ‘Tiesto Edit’s’ of Bobby Burn’s track ‘Someone Somewhere‘ that was released on Musical Freedom last year. But now, the two have teamed up together to deliver ‘Make Me Dizzy‘, which is set to be released on Tiesto’s label later this month.

The track itself may remind listeners of ‘Calabria 2008’, with the catchy trumpet synths that open up the track. These combine with a grimy bass and a punchy kick at the drop, with the later addition of some cymbals and claps that create a groovy vibe. Although it may not be the most creative melody, the track will most likely still go down well at clubs and festivals.

For now, check out the preview below and stay tuned for the track’s full release on March 28th.