Uber and Blade will fly you to Coachella Festival

If you are in possesion of the necessary wherewithal, you can simply fly yourself in by helicopter to Coachella Festival in California this year. Uber and the helicopter booking application ‘Blade’ are teaming up to realize the new project. With “UBERChopper Powered by Blade, the chopper trip from L.A. to the paradisaical grounds of Coachella Festival will cost $1470 per flight. The introduced Bell EC 130 choppers are capable of carrying up to six people, whereas every additional person will be accounted for another $695.

Included in the price, the passengers will be transported by UBER to the Van Nuys Airport, where they will be receipted at the LA Blade Lounge to receive some welcome drinks and prepare themselves for the 55 minute trip by helicopter to the Palm Springs Blade Lounge. From there, UBER takes over again and brings the festival- goers to the Coachella festival area. The “UBERChopper powerd by Blade” is now open for bookings. But be aware, there won’t be any refund in case of cancellation!

H/T Mixmag

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