Rudgr Ultra Music Festival we rave you highlights

Ultra Miami Day 1 Highlights

As we leave the first day of Ultra behind us, we take a moment to look back at our personal highlights. Major acts such as Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Jamie Jones, Alison Wonderland and many more has once again delivered memorable performances for the festival goers. We present you with our top 5 performances from Friday at Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix, one of the many headliners of Ultra this year, has dominated the main stage crowd. He presented the festival-goers a electro house dominated set with a couple trap interludes. In fact, he dropped numerous IDs towards the beginning of his set, so you can expect some new music coming out in the near future. Closing the set with his newest single “Now That I Found You,” he has put a perfect end to day one of UMF.

DJ Snake

he French phenomenon, DJ Snake was definitely one of the highlights of the first day. Playing a main stage set, he delivered all you could ever expect from him. With a huge diversity of tracks included, from his classics such as “Turn Down For What” or “Get Low”, to his more recent releases including “Propaganda”, DJ Snake gave Ultra’s audience a unique vibe, and an unexpected amount of energy. He also premiered new music that we will be talking about as soon as we know anything new about it. Nonetheless, the moment that got everybody’s attention was without a doubt when he played his most recent track, “Propaganda”. From the front, to the back, we could see how everybody went absolutely crazy with the hard hitting sounds and the heavy bass.


America’s favorite Kaskade rocked an evening set on the main stage, and as always provided a incredibly colorful light show combined with his blistering electro and progressive house sounds. The energy level remained high throughout the set with a crowd going crazy to tunes such as ‘Disarm You’ and Kaskade’s hit remix of Galantis ‘Runaway (U & I). One of the most memorable moments was of course the stunning mashup of ‘Ilan Bluestone – Big Ben’ & ‘Kaskade & Project 46 – Last Chance’.

Alison Wonderland

With another album coming out soon, we got to hear tons of new material from Alison Wonderland who performed quite the unique set. The reason this set was so different was the fact that every song had a clear story behind it, which was clear judging from how connected Alison was to the music throughout the set. As always Alison brings some amazing energy to her set and infuses it into her show to create a truly astounding experience!

Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones closed out UMF at the Resistance Stage last night, delivering a energy-packed set to the techno lovers. With the DJ booth raised 10 foot in the air, the festival-goers were able to enjoy the show from all 360 degrees. Jamie Jones’ relentless, heavy hitting beats accompanied by the flame throwers on the flaming octopus has exhibited a primal vibe that other stages did not possess. The most memorable moment of the set occurred right before the end comes to an end; he teased the fans with a intense build up and killed the music right when all the flame throwers shot out in the air.