Ummet Ozcan unleashes “Spacecats” for fans

Ummet Ozcan is one of The Netherland’s most prominent DJ/Producer’s. Distinctive in sound and following, 2015 was an impressive year of growth for the established name. With a portfolio that includes topping the Beatport charts in the past, and having his hand in producing some of the major sound packages since the EDM boom, his influence on the scene is ever-present and ever-rewarding.

“Spacecats” is the latest release from producer with Turkish roots. Typical in format, his big-room styled track is undoubtedly set to be a fan favourite. However, Ummet has put a bit of a quirky edge to this track with it’s Melbourne bounce inspired synths and heavy kick drum differing from his usual electro house offering. Definitely a track that we’ll be hearing a lot this summer, even though at times it can feel a bit bland and repetitive, this is still an electro fueled banger and another hit from Ummet Ozcan

“Spacecats” is set for release on March 28th. So for now be sure to listen to the preview below!