W&W – How Many

Mainstage music head honchos and undoubtedly one of mainstream Electronic Dance Music’s stalwarts, the W&W duo comprising of Willem & Wardt, have been dominating the charts and festivals all around the world for quite some time. And one thing that can be said about them that stands true for very few others is that as artists, their output has been constant. Tugging the line for the Big-Room House community, the erstwhile post 2007 Trance hit-makers have moved on considerably in respect to the music that they make but their love for the community and the industry comes off well in how they do their best to keep up with the times in style.

Mainstage music’s next release ‘How Many‘ kicks off with mellow vocals and the is an ensemble of funky lyrics combining with low chords which ultimately are led to the encapsulating build-up. And in absolutely W&W fashion the artists utilize Big-Room sounds and an over-powering melody to give shape to this party-starting release. What it does to main-stages around the world is yet to be seen but be sure to pocket the release when it is out!

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