X-Change – Shirt Off

Los Angeles-based producer X-Change has truly been one of the electronic dance music scene’s fastest rising talents. Also known for his successful career as a DJ, X-Change undeniably has a keen ear for great music and he has constantly proven this through his exceptional tracks.

2015 was clearly a busy year for the Michigan-native with high-quality releases such as “Stronger”, “Kandiland”, “Ring of Fire”, and “Going Loco”. In addition, he also released a well-supported collaboration with Kylie Odetta titled “Weight of Your Love”, which eventually received astounding remixes from the likes of DIONLEON, Fawkes, and Kris Kolton.

Having such high momentum in hand, X-Change then showcased his production skills recently with his beautiful progressive house track called “You Know”. After the release of this uplifting tune, he returned with a banger titled “Shirt Off”. Featuring his electrifying Melbourne Bounce and electro house sounds, this track is simply a perfect crowd-pleaser and is out just in time for spring break.

“Shirt Off” first builds up with a series of hard-hitting beats and heart-pumping basslines. Once the female voice asks to “Take your (Expletive) shirt off”, the highly energized and powerful drop then commences, which would certainly blow the roof off any club and cause tremors at any music festival. Overall, with its nice blend of addictive synths and heavy bass, this track should be able to propel X-Change toward the higher ranks of the industry.

The track is now available for a free download here.