AL Sharif & AJ Afterparty – Depths

Although many of you may not be familiar with AL Sharif and AJ Afterparty just yet, they are certainly heading in the right direction if their latest collaboration is anything to go by. AL Sharif is a producer who has gone from strength to strength in recent years, attracting major attention on a number of his tracks, including his remix of Adrian Lux’s ‘Wild Child‘ and his other collaboration with Andrew Goldberg entitled ‘Impact‘. Whilst AJ Afterparty makes his return to Zensa Records following the successful release of ‘So High‘, and this time the pair team up to bring us another quality track in the shape of ‘Depths‘. And to make things even better, ‘Depths‘ is now available as a free download.

The track itself is creative and seriously groovy, with a hard-hitting electric first drop and a more progressive, euphoric second drop, and will be sure to attract a crowd to any dance floor. Creating atmosphere and building tension in the opening half of the track, the pair manage to create an uplifting, energetic vibe for the second half, and with the addition of some high supersaws and a funky rolling bassline, AL Sharif and AJ Afterparty have crafted a track that you will be sure to have on repeat for the moment you listen to it.

Listen to the track in full and grab your free copy below.