AREA21 – Spaceships

Martin Garrix’s performance at this year’s Ultra Music Festival was undoubtedly one of the most eye-opening sets throughout the entire three-day event. His set was jam-packed with numerous unreleased tracks such as his introductory track “Lions In The Wild”, his highly anticipated collaboration with Ed Sheeran called “Rewind Repeat It”, and his astounding new tune with Avicii titled “Hold On Never Leave”.

Aside from these upcoming releases, the young Dutch DJ also played one particular track that may have raised some eyebrows. The mysterious song consists of a mix of future bass elements and hip-hop-inspired vocals, which all impeccably blend together into one gorgeous piece of musical production.

Officially titled “Spaceships”, the track was recently released by an unknown producer(s) named AREA21. We can presume that Garrix is a part of this new act since this track contains his standout signature sounds. There is also likelihood that another producer is a member of AREA21, but for now, not much information is revealed regarding this puzzling project and thus, we can only make speculations at this point in time.

You can listen to AREA21’s “Spaceships” below: