Argentina places ban on dance music festivals after Time Warp deaths

Following the recent tragedy at Time Warp Argentina a groundbreaking decision has been made by the government of Argentina’s capital. The Argentinian authorities have stopped issuing permits for major electronic music festivals in response to the tragic deaths of five people who died as a result of a drug overdose at the event. In addition to the victims, another nine people were left in critical condition after the festival, suspected of having suffered acute poisoning.

The ban will remain active until there is a new law approved to help prevent drug abuse at music festivals, according to the city’s mayor Horacio Rodriguez Larreta. Five people have been arrested after the event after witnesses said that festival-goers were often offered designer drugs including ecstasy pills, LSD, marijuana and cocaine.

As a result of the tragedy, the promoters cancelled the second night of the event and issued a statement which left a certain level of uncertainty for the future of the festival after only its third edition in Argentina. The organisers stated:

“We are dismayed and deeply saddened by the death of five young people at Time Warp Buenos Aires. Our thoughts are with the relatives of the deceased and the five visitors who are still under medical treatment. We pray for their quick recovery. The German Time Warp companies, “Planwerk Events GmbH & Co KG“ and “cosmopop GmbH“, were not in any way involved in the local organization and planning of the festival. We are listening to your complaints. At the moment we are trying to get a clear picture.”

The recent stern decision made by Argentinian authorities have no doubt shocked and worried festival goers. Drug-related deaths at electronic music events has become a major concern for the industry and we commend any action taken by authorities to combat this problem and prioritise people’s safety.


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