Armin Van Buuren celebrates 8 years since ‘Imagine’

The Dutch trance DJ and producer Armin van Buuren has hit another milestone in his already impressive and illustrious career.  His album ‘Imagine’ was released 8 eight years ago.

Van Buuren is today renowned as the legendary, creative mastermind behind his label Armada and the weekly broadcasts of A State of Trance, but his past is more than worthy of shiny modern spotlight on.

‘Imagine’ was Armin Van Buuren’s third album.  This album has everything a trance lover will appreciate. From instrumentals to vocally driven ballads. There’s a tune for everyone’s listening pleasure. Each song represents the immeasurable varieties of sounds that trance can take on.

In the first song which is also the name of the album, “Imagine” is an instrumental featuring orchestral elements, guitar, piano, snares, kick drums, and synthesizers.  It’s like taking a journey through the hills and valleys of someone’s imagination, possibly his.

Continuing to keep each song distinct, the vocalists have their own unique sound too. “Going Wrong’ is a little more rock inspired and edgier song of the album featuring DJ Shah, and Chris Jones as the singer.  It was a song that made an impact on the airwaves when it was released. Another notable tune this album brought to the scene was his infamous song ‘In and Out Love’ showcasing, the angelic voice of Sharon Den Adel.  It is played to this day by other trance DJ’s.

Fans will also notice that the songs in this album have a more relaxed, and chill vibe and atmosphere. There are more melodies rather than hard hitting bass drops, but it does not lack in musical creativity. ‘Imagine’ continues to stand out as a remarkable showcase of Van Buuren’s musical talent and that pushing the musical limits and boundaries has great reward.

Relive, relax, remember and journey through Armin Van Buuren’s musical imagination.

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