Armin van Buuren meets the Trance Family

If you are a fan of trance music, there is no way you have missed the series of videos of a father and his children, calling themselves Trance Family, who go around driving and dancing to trance music. The Belfast crew has gone viral in the last weeks promoting well established and upcoming trance producers with their funny dancing videos on their way to school. The dad, alongside his 3 children has already shared videos with tunes from names such as Will Atkinson, Manuel Le Saux, Vini Vici, Bryan Kearney, among others, and has been the reason for many smiling fans around the globe.

During his recent visit in Ireland, Armin van Buuren himself spent the Easter weekend meeting the Trance Family and sharing a fist pump together.

The video was seen over 100 000 times in less than an hour, getting the recognition from dozens of artists such as Susana, Bobina, Dennis Sheperd, Vini Vici & many more wihtin the first seconds of posting and it is already shared by AvB.

You can watch it, as well as all their previous ones, here.