Audien turns up the heat on Halsey’s “Colors”

The already catchy tune recently got spiced up with Audien’s impeccably done remix.  And you can bet your bottom dollar listeners will feel the electricity throughout the song as strong as it pulsates with a beating heart. Audien, the 24-year old progressive/electro house and trance DJ, makes use of several different musical elements. There are the soothing sounds of piano, hard, fast breaking sounds of drums, and synthesizers.

Released in August 2015, “Colors” is a slowed down electro-indie pop song, sung by Ashey Nicolette Frangipane; better known by her stage name Halsey. This 21-year old singer-songwriter pulls listeners in with her unique, ethereal voice, with “Colors” being one of the more notable tracks off her ‘Badlands’ album.

“Colors” takes on the momentum of waves in the ocean.  Just as waves gather momentum before crashing hard against the shore, the song builds with the sound of Hasley’s unique, melodic tone.  Right after the chorus is not just any old drop of hard bass, but rather a mixture of drums, bass, kicks, flares, and synthesizers all to create a beautiful song to get listeners moving dynamically on the dance floor. As the song enters the second verse, and the drop recedes, and Halsey’s voice pierces through.  Think of the waves slowly receding, the calming, serene look and feel of the ocean, is ever-present in the atmosphere of the remix.

Music aficionados will enjoy the mixture of multiple elements that mash beautifully together to create this electro-house tune. Be sure to give this one a listen in the link below and let us know your thoughts!

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