Axwell Λ Ingrosso – Dream Bigger

The Swedish electronic duo Axwell Λ Ingrosso, comprised of Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso bring us a new tune.

Axwell ^ Ingrosso were the ones who brought us ‘On My Way’ and ‘Something New’ the big room house songs that feature have chill, and upbeat melodies together.

Dream Bigger is their newest tune, and it has a very different sound than what some may be used to.  It has an electro-house vibe.  From the beginning it is very upbeat, rather than slowly starting off and building to a climax. There are synthesizers used throughout, with loud, banging, bass played alongside it.  The song also features a singer.  However, it is a voice that is quite different sounding than ones they have featured previously.  The male singers voice sounds more auto-tuned, rather than natural abilities.  The vocalist speaks the main lyrics ‘dream bigger’ but in other parts, it feels like vocals being sung similar to vocals in a rock show.  While the vocals are nothing spectacular, the lyrics impart deep meaning.  As it says right in the title.  A reminder that no matter what people say, never give up on the big dreams.

There is a different feature to their music video that fans will enjoy, and even participate in.  The video features footage’s of Axwell ^ Ingrosso dancing while backstage.  At the bottom are the lyrics, and viewers are asked to participate and sing-a-long as the little bouncing ball found in karaoke can be found all while the words are highlighted.  It is a much cooler feature compared to most other music videos.  Their dancing shows a different side to them, a view that many fans may not always get to see; their goofy and fun side.

View the video below and let us know if you like what you hear!


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