David Guetta & Nicky Romero dropped “Metropolis” 4 years ago today

French super-star David Guetta and Dutch hot-shot Nicky Romero are arguably the biggest DJ/Producer’s hailing from their respective nations. A melting pot of historic house music influence, funky flare and one of the engine rooms of talent in Europe, the scene has enjoyed many highlights brought to it by French nationals. And the pairs collaboration for “Metropolis” is no exception.

Featured on the second version of David Guetta’s record-breaking album ‘Nothing But The Beat’, “Metropolis” became iconic within the club scene. Released as a 3 minute 10 second Radio Edit, and an extended version 3 whole minutes longer, the track helped put France on the map as one of the major players in dance music. And being at a time of massive mainstream expansion, millions of people noticed.

Accumulating nearly 15 million plays on media platforms, it is easy to forget the song is 4 years old today. A time where many of the scenes festival and club goers were emerging out of their teens and into the modern world, “Metropolis” combined the crafted electronic effects modern software was enabling and the symphonic chordal sequences fans desired and often demanded. Helping create soundtracks to many youthful memories, it is easy to see how and why David Guetta and Nicky Romero have gone on to achieve even bigger musical successes.

With the official video taking a rebellious nature, the sound itself was one of the most distinctive of its time. Raw in its introduction thanks to the raspy synths, the melodic overhaul provides one of the most prestigious melodies from the first half of the decade. Under scored by a steady, head-nodding beat, the track brought along volume at its peak progressions and a euphoric sense of uplift in its mood.

Relive the magic below and let us know what you were doing when this anthem was dropped 4 years ago!

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