Deadmau5 earns segment on “Before They Were Famous”

What do LeBron James, J Cole, Kevin Hart, Niki Minaj and Rihanna all have in common… aside of course being ridiculously famous? What if we add Tech House frontman, Deadmau5, to that list? Well, thanks to Michael McCrudden, creator behind YouTube’s mega-popular “Before They Were Famous“, we can all enjoy a channel strictly based on life ‘pre-fame’ for some of our favorite celebrities.

Having generated a following around not caring what anyone thinks, McCrudden did a fascinating job highlighting Zimmerman’s standoffish manner and really underlined how some of the most iconic music moments the industries ever seen, came to be. From his obscene computer skills to his outRAGEous teen rebellion, this corky yet super informative segment uses its ten minutes wisely perfectly displaying Zimmerman’s life before the glitz and all the badass glam.

Fan or not, check the video below and let us know what you think- You might just learn a thing or two.

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