Deadmau5 makes first appearances at Ultra Europe & Korea

Yes.  You’re reading that correctly.  Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5 the progressive house producer known for calling many artists out through twitter, and staying away from the brand of Ultra, has confirmed that he will indeed be at Ultra Europe and Ultra Korea.  This will be deadmau5′ first appearance at both festivals.

Deadmau5 is the one artists name fans look for when line ups for festivals are announced.  He has adamantly stayed away for many years, but 2016 must be a year of change.  It seems that deadmau5 has changed his view on the brand after playing at Ultra Music Festival Miami in March.  Fans couldn’t be happier for this news.  It’s confirmed he’ll be at Ultra Europe taking place July 15th to 17th in Croatia.  As well as Ultra Korea, in it’s fifth edition, he will be playing.  Other big name artists have been announced for Ultra Europe and Ultra Korea thus far.

It seems as though Ultra is pulling out all the stops, and that’s great as it will gives fans a chance to see him perform a set that many have high hopes for it be mind-blowing.

The Ultra Worldwide brand has plans to expand to Hong Kong.  The plans for that can be found here.

If you haven’t already grab your tickets for Ultra Europe and for Ultra Korea.

Check out the after movies for both locations below.

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