deadmau5 unleashes two brand new tracks

Going in hard to the studio over the past number of months, deadmau5 has had the creative juices flowing nicely with a range of different tracks being uploaded to his Soundcloud since the completion of his new studio.

With another twitch stream last night, ‘the mau5’ has worked tirelessly as per usual and even had a special guest in the form of mau5trap great ATTLAS.

Joel has since posted two new tracks to his Soundcloud account, including the collaboration with ATTLAS. The first track “Snowcone” sees Deadmau5 going down his favoured experimental route and features dark and dreamy synths somewhat reminiscent of “Boards of Canada” over a looping atmospheric arpeggio synth. The half step drum patterns only add to this interesting blend of sounds which Joel is calling his favourite track to date.

“Bad at titles” sounds like a dream come true for fans of the mau5trap label as the two esteemed and reputed producers merge their incredible talents together to create an ethereal techno ballad with phenomenal sound design that at times boggles the mind. As expected the music on offer is nothing short of incredible and will give you goosebumps all over. It would be amazing to see these two geniuses working on more music to see what magic they can create.

Be sure to check out and listen to the two new tracks below! They’re certainly some of our ‘must listens’ of the week.