Don Diablo unleashes another mesmerizing single in the shape of ‘Silence’

If captivating is the word for the music you’re into, there are but a few like Don Diablo who are able to invoke and capture emotions in one single track. Long been the go to artist to create waves with his esoteric sound and production ways, Don Schipper has been at the helm of Electronic Music since the early age of 15. Launching his very own label in 2005 and getting initial hits such as ‘Blow‘ and ‘Pride Is Forever‘ doing rounds on worldwide radios, success never looked unattainable to the Dutchman. And now, having started ‘Hexagon‘ as a home to artists focusing on the absorbing sound that the label has become famous for, he has taken a break from production of music which solely focused at clubs and festivals. He is heading straight for the “intimate moments in life” with his latest production ‘Silence‘.

Silence is not your everyday “EDM” production. It does what majority of the releases every day of the week fail to do. It expresses, it breaks away from the normal structure of tracks and most importantly its worth your time. Mixing in captivating sounds and varied techniques of focusing on vocals, the track outlines the on-desk quality that Don Diablo posses. Like in all his productions, what inspires the listener is the chirpy notes and a combination of perfect sound on perfect vocals, this time assisted by British songwriter/producer Dave Thomas Junior. In trying to create a perfect soundtrack to everyone’s lives it wouldn’t be too much to say that the Don has hit the right notes and he can be sure that the track will be accepted by most playlists!

The track is available for a quick purchase on Beatport through Spinnin’ Records here!

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