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Eric Prydz teases brand new Cirez D release

Iconic progressive house master Eric Prydz has certainly been generous to his fans lately. He released 30 new tracks in 2015 alone and fans of the dance music star could not have anticipated the magnitude of Prydz’s upcoming projects in 2016.

At the end of last year, the Swede released the Cirez D “Vol D” EP while his debut album “Opus” remains one of 2016’s most talked about releases of this year. He also commenced his extraordinary “EPIC 4.0 Tour” which has been wowing fans the world over. Previews of the show have displayed the magnitude of the Swedish superstar’s tour with the trademark stage cube, mesmerising lasers and groundbreaking 3D technology.

Back in January, on the eighth edition of Prydz’s Apple Music Beats One radio show, Eric revealed new exclusive tracks from the album but also included a very prominent Cirez D feature. At the time, the track was simply a Twitter ID however in the last few days, Prydz has taken to Twitter to tease fans about this upcoming release titled “In the Reds.

The reference to the mouse in the Twitter photograph could be alluding to another Cirez D track “Century of the Mouse” or simply a release on Mouseville records, the label for Prydz’s techno releases under the name Cirez D. The reference to the mouse also had fans speculating whether it relates to Prydz’s recent association and tour plans with Deadmau5. Fans of the Swede will be left to speculate for the time being, but an upcoming announcement about the project is no doubt forthcoming.


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