Gareth Emery’s newest album has arrived

After two years, the wait is over, and the much anticipated album from Gareth Emery, “100 Reasons to Live”, has finally released and is available to the public.

“A good melody can change the world” Emery once stated about his philosophy. And one many following the dance music scene can relate to.

2015 was the year that Emery’s career really took off for a large portion of his fan base.  He curated the closing ceremony at the European Olympic Games, and hosted his very first festival stage at Stereosonic in Australia. With over 4 million followers on social media, it’s safe to say that Gareth Emery is reaching legendary status – if he hasn’t already. Keeping music, and a good melody as the main goal.

His third album delivers catchy beats, soothing melodies, thumping bass to get you dancing, and vocally uplifting songs that even those in the grumpiest of moods can be cheered up.  It’s a dance, trance, and big room house lovers dream.

“Reckless” featuring Wayward Daughter is one single off the album that has those elements in them.  It’s a song that will keep listeners attention and easily become a favorite tune. “Sansa: on the other hand feature’s a progressive trance sound, which makes you feel as if you’re cruising down the highway with the windows rolled down, and wind blowing.  It’s a tune sure to make you feel relaxed and chill while at the same making you want to dance out of pure happiness. “Hands” featuring Alastor and London Thor, is also a notable addition to the LP’s roster. A vocally uplifting love song, its lyrics ask to break free of imaginary binding chains longing for trusting and loving hands to hold.

Emery has a little something for everyone, and for every mood.  The album title does exactly that, reminds listeners that there easily is 100 reasons to live.

Listen to Gareth Emery’s album on Soundcloud, download the full album on iTunes, or individual songs on Beatport.

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