Hardwell surprises schools in Breda during exam stunt

For a busy and ever-touring DJ, the return to ones hometown is beyond doubt one of the most precious things. Growing up in the small town of Breda, Netherlands, Hardwell has come a long way! This time however, Hardwell deliberated something special during his stay and decided to give something back to his “cohabitants”. Teaming up with a local café, Hardwell crashed two high schools during their exam period and played a small set for the students, who undoubtedly couldn’t believe the unexpected guest appearance of one of their countries biggest dance exports. The rare event was documented by several students, who celebrated their idol extensively.

It is truly a wonderful gesture from Hardwell, showing that eventhough he is such a big hit, he has never fogotten where he comes from and where his roots are. After completing his current US tour, Harwell will return once again to his homecountry where he can be seen among other Dutch artists at the legendary King’s Day on April 27th.

H/T DeStem

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