Kaskade vs. ZHU – In The Morning

In what seems to be a world of anonymous artists, ZHU was at the forefront of the movement after shattering through the dance music communities walls with his original tune, “Faded” back in 2014. Since then, Steven Zhu has seen tremendous success, and rightfully so.

With his latest release, a spin off of his original track titled ‘In The Morning’, we get an absolutely pleasant surprise with his collaboration featuring none other than the legendary Kaskade. This masterpiece comes at us completely re-approached with an entrancing acoustic vibe, blanketed with the perfect blend of a Kaskade/ZHU groove that has us destroying the repeat button. It’s not very often you hear both artist’s influences within a song, but it’s clear here that this was truly a complete and proper collab.

You can purchase ‘In The Morning’ now on iTunes, as well as stream it on Spotify.