KSHMR causes shockwaves with spectacular Coachella set

KSHMR has just completed what could just be his finest set to date, and one of the best performances are one of the globes most sought-after and renowned music festivals.

Coachella is often the place where an artist reinvents themselves. From Daft Punk’s iconic pyramid to deadmau5‘s cube, Coachella marks usually marks a change or development in an artists career, and for Indian-American producer KSHMR this was no different. Debuting not one, but two brand new IDs for us to feast our ears on amidst an absolutely storming set.

Causing eruptions in the infamous Sahara tent, the in-demand producer was on fire as he dropped hit after hit of electronic glory. The set featured a number of orchestral elements as promised by KSHMR, in what could be signalling a change in his production style to a more song writing orientation and composition based focus. Either way, we were more than impressed by this set and the direction KSHMR is taking proving once again why he’s one of the world’s best: