Markus Schulz drops 6th artist album “Watch the World”

The internationally known German-American DJ and producer drops his 6th artist album, Watch the World with vocally driven, melodic trance tunes.

Markus Schulz is best known for his music shows Global DJ Broadcast, and Afterhours FM.  He is also the owner of Coldharbour Recordings.  For over 10 years, Schulz has had quite the impressive career, making his name a staple in the dance scene, that is notable, respectable and revered worldwide.

His sixth artist album caters to the more progressive trance fans.  The tracks do not go above 130 bpm, with one song at 115 bpm.  It is perfect for that long road trip, dreaming of long summer days, sippin’ on ice cold lemonade and feeling the heat of the sun on your skin.  The full album for download on beatport features 27 tracks, 18 as the main tracklist with the rest of the songs as different versions of previous songs.  There are mainly vocal songs with a few instrumentals thrown in throughout.  He has a variety of singers that include Brooke Tomlinson, Ethan Thompson, and Delacey, plus more.  This album has what trance fans expect.  Its’ use of pianos, synthesizers, bass, vocals, and long buildups, are all beautifully crafted together.  There will be a song for each preference.

‘Destiny’ is one song off the album that features each element found in melodic progressive trance tunes.  The vocals add a nice touch, for a well rounded song, in which one element does not overpower another.  Named after the album ‘Watch the World’ this track starts off relatively loud with a driving melody, then slows down to almost an inaudible sound, all to come back and your ears are surprised with the voice of Lady V.  To keep things interesting, ‘Love me like you never did’ is a male vocal driven song, that asks for a woman to love the man, like none other has before.  It features a simple guitar playing, making the males voice the most prominent in the song.

This tune is available for download on beatport.  Below you can listen to previews of the songs on youtube.  Let us know what you think.  Does his 6th album deliver?

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