Nicky Romero teases “Novell” in latest podcast

Nicky Romero’s upcoming release seems to have received its formal unofficial preview in his latest Protocol Radio Podcast. And with every new piece of content from his impressive portfolio comes great excitement and anticipation, especially when it opens the 192nd edition of his podcast.
With the Dutchman seemingly opening a new chapter in 2016 after his extended battle with anxiety, the rounds of new tracks in the bast 3 months or so have reinvigorated fans and followers alike to his music. Having been tested during Steve Angello’s Ultra Music Festival Miami last month, “Novell” is now entering its final stages of mastering before it is formally delivered to the spotlight.

While clearly not polished, Angello’s edition of the track shows the new direction Nicky Romero has taken with his new lease of life. Anthem in stature and massively melodic in nature, Romero is evidently lining this one up for the summer festival season. Amassing 25,000 plays through  SoundCloud on a relative unknown rip of the track from Ultra, it seems we are far from the only one eager for this track to drop.

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