Paris Blohm – Something About You

Paris Blohm is a name everyone knows from his hits such as the now classic Left Behinds and the beautiful Sailing the Sky and now he’s back for his latest release on Hardwell’s Revealed imprint with “Something About You” which has been highly sought after it was debuted at Ultra in Miami last month.

This progressive house anthem is classic Blohm with the beautiful chords and massive synths that he’s known for back once again to cause a storm on the dancefloor. After a bit of a departure with his experimental remix of In Your Eyes the American is going back to the style that put him on the map in the first place. However following his Twitter shows that Blohm could be going down a more experimental route in the future which is great to see. It’s fantastic to hear of artists breaking the mould and attempting to push electronic music in different directions.

“Something About You” is out on Monday and you can listen to a preview below: