Premiere: Coldplay – Magic (Loudan Remix)

He’s back at it. The Mexican youngster is back with a remix full of “Magic”.

Loudan is a name you may not know, but that you definitely should keep an eye on. Just a few months ago, he decided to take a risky turn with his career, a huge change of style, from progressive house to a more experimental genre. But the work pays off, and talent is undeniable when you get to know that he was recently awarded with the 3rd position during the “Chemicals” remix contest organized by Don Diablo. Don’ described the remix as “it feels organic, with the piano and the guitar… it’s just beautiful”. And what can we say? Loudan is indeed pushing the boundaries with his new style, with tracks that will make you dreamy and just realize how beautiful the world we live in really is.

This time, Loudan is giving away a beautiful remix of Coldplay’s anthem “Magic”. Chris Martin’s vocals and Loudan’s beautifully arranged production goes beyond words.  To be completely honest, remixing Coldplay is no easy task, taking into consideration it can easily become a cliché remix. But he’s no regular producer, and his experimental twist on the track just breathes new life into it. The chord progression, the melody, the delicate bass and a glorious production overall is topped with Chris Martin’s magical vocals. The auditory experience captures the public and makes Loudan’s production skills and his creativity inarguable. It slightly reminds us of Porter Robinson’s “Worlds” album, with the down-tempo tracks. Big thumbs up to Loudan for this one.

You can listen and download the track below.

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