Premiere: DubVision ft. Denny White – Million Miles

Dutch producers DubVision are renowned across the globe for their awe-inspiring tracks and unforgettable live shows. The duo of Stephan and Victor Leicher have continuously stunned listeners everywhere with their ability to craft some of the best-sounding productions in the business. Throughout their career, DubVision have garnered a vast amount of success as a result of their incredible releases such as “Turn It Around”, “Invincible”, and “Heart”.

More recently, DubVision switched gears with their single called “Sweet Harmony” on Tiësto’s Musical Freedom imprint. Despite the surprising change to electro house, DubVision reverted back to their old roots of progressive house with their latest remix of Nervo’s “Bulletproof”. Keeping this momentum going, the two producers have come back for another masterpiece titled “Million Miles”. Featuring pop singer Denny White, who has also collaborated with the likes of Fedde Le Grand in the past, the track is an absolute treat to hear from start to finish due to its astonishing mix of vocals and instrumentals.

From the get-go, “Million Miles” brings out the emotions with White’s stunning performance and DubVision’s striking progressions. While the track builds up toward the climactic sequence, the uplifting melodies and riffs are delivered straight to our ears and gives us an unbelievable auditory experience. Once the song’s drop hits, a massive wave of energy is sent out, which is certainly more than capable of vitalizing a large crowd during any upcoming festival.

“Million Miles” is out now on Michael Brun’s label, Kid Coconut, and you can download a copy from Beatport here.