Alan Walker releases Faded on sony music sweden

Remix Package: Alan Walker – Faded

Alan Walker‘s smash hit ‘Faded‘ has been featured on radio stations and live sets all around the world over the last few months. And as with most chart-topping hits, producers of all levels are itching to add their own spin to the original, and ‘Faded‘ has become one of the most remixed songs of the year, with top producers including Hardwell and W&W producing unofficial remixes. But now, the official remix package has finally been released, and features remixes from Dash Berlin, Tungevaag & Raaban, Y&V, Luke Christopher and two remixes from none other than Tiesto himself. And as you might expect, they do not disappoint.

Kicking things off is Tiesto’s ‘Deep House‘ remix, which offers a chilled, relaxed vibe with plenty of cymbals, claps and hi-hats throughout combining with some gentle piano chords and Iselin Solheim‘s infectious vocals. Whilst in comparison, Dash Berlin adds the perfect progressive touch to the original that is fit for any main stage, turning the lead melody into a euphoric anthem in classic Dash Berlin style. From watching Dash Berlin’s Ultra set last month, we know just how well this one works in front of a huge crowd.

Up next is the Tungevaag & Raaban remix, and the duo also put a more progressive spin to the vocals, with this one guaranteed to attract a crowd to any dance floor. This remix really showcases the pair’s talented production skills, as they intertwine some tropical sounds with big room and progressive leads in impressive fashion. Whilst Y&V’s remix adds a funky electro twist to the higher-pitched vocals, adding their innovative touch and something a refreshingly different to the other remixes.

It’s not often we see producer’s getting vocalists to remix their tracks, but Alan Walker has done exactly that, seeking the talented Luke Carpenter to add a number of R&B style verses to play alongside the infectious chorus. Hopefully this is the start of an interesting trend we see happening more often in the dance scene. Last but not least we have Tiesto’s ‘Northern Lights‘ remix, and it is nothing short of epic. The combination of progressive and trance synths show signs of the Dutchman returning to his roots, whilst still maintaining a modern sound throughout. Keeping the original melody and vibe throughout, Tiesto has made this track one the main features of his live sets.

Stream and download all the remixes here.