Robbie Rivera vs Tom Staar – The Funkatron

“Funkatron” is the latest collaborative effort from Robbie Rivera and Tom Staar and has no doubt been one of the most hotly awaited tracks over the past number of months. A remake of Robbie’s 2002 classic, it’s no doubt been given an electric modern touch-up.

After surfacing during festival season last year, this track has distinctly stuck out in sets due to it’s hectic and catchy lead synth which is simple yet oh so effective. Like most releases from the infamous “Groove Cartel”, this is one track that will have you one your feet and grooving away to not only the fantastic synths but more importantly due to the infectious drums that are a staple of this tune.

Having had minor tweaks made to the sound of the track since it first surfaced online, it’s safe to say that the finished product is the best version and the track has been so well received that it’s been picked up by Axwell’s coveted Axtone record label. Expect this one to be tearing the dancefloor apart at clubs and festivals over the next number of months.

The track is available now for purchase.