Sasha’s revealing new interview about EDM and new album

Welsh DJ Sasha is a man who has helped define the superstar DJ era. From being offered £50,000 to play for 2 hours to being treated like a pop star; Sasha got a taste of the superstar DJ lifestyle many years before most.

In a recent interview with UK’s The Guardian Sasha opens up about the state of electronic dance music, the difference between today’s electronic music scene and the 90’s scene and his new album.

Sasha says he is not a fan of ‘EDM’, though he does see a link between the groundwork he has laid and what dance music sounds like now.

A lot of what the EDM guys are playing seems, to me, to be like trance music,” he says. “Maybe some of the sounds have changed but the buildups and the drops and the breakdowns are very much like what old trance music used to be about. I think they call it house now, don’t they? There are so many confusing labels in dance music now. I don’t think anyone really knows what they’re playing.”

In relation to his party lifestyle in the 90’s Sasha states: “I couldn’t cope with everyone knowing me, I couldn’t cope with the lifestyle – it was mad.” The pressure manifested itself in anxiety attacks, which would strike during his DJ sets.

After touring tirelessly for years, Sasha went back into the studio and created a gem of an album, Sasha: Scene Delete, for the Late Night Tales series. Forget the beats and the sweat and the billowing anthems; this quiet, undulating, at times pastoral piece, is less about songs and anthems and more about texture and atmosphere. ‘Scene Delete’ is a side of Sasha you’ve never heard before.

For more of the revealing interview with The Guardian click here and for a taste of Sasha’s incredible new album check out the video below!

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