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Shoden – Shiva

Italian producers David Mari, Roberto Palombari, and Federico Gasparrini, who all make up the group Shoden, are clearly on their way to stardom due to their incredible collection of releases. From their first ever single titled “Tengu” to their recent release called “Thunderdome”, the trio has continuously brought its A-game in terms of delivering beautiful music right through our ears. After proving their ground as some of the most creative and dynamic artists in the industry, Shoden are back with another striking progressive tune titled “Shiva”.

The track opens up with a flurry of up-tempo and hard-hitting beats alongside a series of addictive synths. Following the vivacious buildup, the first drop then kicks in and brings out an immense amount of energy. A gorgeous melodic progression then bridges the first drop to the last, which completes this absolute banger of a track.

“Shiva” is out now and you can download a free copy from Shoden’s Soundcloud page.