Sonny Zamolo & M3SSIAH – Tao

French producer Sonny Zamolo has truly established himself as one of the biggest powerhouses in the business. After being discovered by Pete Tong in 2007, his career has continued to rise as proven by his collection of successful releases. With tracks like “Arsonic” and “Rise” under his belt, Zamolo has constantly showcased his musical prowess to numerous listeners from across the globe.

Joining forces with upcoming Chinese talent M3SSIAH, Zamolo recently released his brand new single titled “Tao”. The two producers brought their talents to Bordeaux-based record label Monochrome Music to provide a thrilling roller coaster ride for dance music fans everywhere.

The track kicks off with a short build-up that consists of some heart-pumping basslines and nicely meshed rattles. The drop then commences and brings out an immense amount of energy. Featuring some well-designed chords and a heavily thumping beat, the climax is surely the track’s highlight that would please a crowd of any size. In addition, a soothing melodic progression bridges the two drops together, perfectly transitioning them and completing this highly spirited track.

“Tao” is out now and you can purchase a copy from Beatport here.