Steve Angello implements self-produced campaign with company, Made by Forest

Over the years, Swedish legend Steve Angello has been renowned for his unconventional, but highly influential, actions. One particular goal he had in mind was to form a production company that would bring music, advertising, and brands together. He successfully accomplished this vision by teaming up with Jesper Palsson for the establishment of Made by Forest.

The Los Angeles-based agency recently came up with its first self-produced campaign titled “Raised by Krump”, which showcases the expanding movement of Krump dance. The 22-minute documentary explores around the areas of Compton and South Central and focuses on how “krumping” helped many people living in these types of neighborhoods deal with any emotional issues. With the direction of Maceo Frost, the film also emphasizes on Made by Forest’s passion for telling stories, especially within the realm of music and art.

In response to this production, Palsson stated, “To produce our own content is an important step for us to create an identity and brand building. We will, as a step in that, also release a longer production later this year, where we are discussing distribution with Netflix US.”

You can check out the trailer for “Raised by Krump” here, as well as some additional information regarding the documentary and Made by Forest.

H/T: Resumé