Take a look at the preview for Martin Garrix’s documentary on MTV

After recently teasing a new documentary to be aired on MTV, two new previews have emerged of Martin Garrix’s edition of “The Ride”.

The full documentary premiered in Amsterdam earlier this week and the red carpet was rolled out for Martin and a number of his friends including fellow DJ Hardwell as seen by their Instagram below:

The two clips that have emerged show Martin in the very early stages of his career when he was only 11 years old DJing at weddings and parties under the name DJ Marty. He goes onto to tell us how a nightclub called P60 gave him the chance to play when he was 13, and this acted as inspiration to push young Martin towards his goals.

Garrix also shows us an extremely basic track from back in 2008 which should act as motivation to any producer who’s starting out. It’s important to remember that all of our favourite artists went through the same frustrations and struggles as everyone else but the key was that they just kept going.

You can watch the two previews below and hopefully we’ll get to see the finished product on our screens soon: