Tiësto marks 4 years since his legendary remix for Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used To Know”

Tiesto is reputed for remixing some of the biggest tracks in the entire music scene. With his Grammy-earning rendition of John Legend’s “All of Me” primary evidence of that. However, wind back the clock 4 years and it was Gotye’s chart-dominating “Somebody I Used to Know” that received the masterful attention of his production skills.

The esteemed Dutchman included it on his compilation album ‘Club Life: Volume Two – Miami’, reflecting the popularity of the remix within the club scene at the time. Providing an electronic dance music basis, Tiesto caters for both the voice of Australian, Gotye, and New Zealander, Kimbra. And as one of 10 official remixes released simultaneously, the Musical Freedom label head-honcho certainly had his work cut out proving it was one of the best.

Under laid with subtle synth pulsations, the track is carried towards the helm of its progression from the outset. Airing with a hint of Swedish House Mafia’s signature anthemic melody, Tiesto places a leading melody to launch the track at the 45-second mark into the sphere of his acquainted club life. Resetting the layering of the track, the track is truly remixed as opposed to edited and bootlegged which many remixes are guilty of today.

With over 8 million plays between YouTube and SoundCloud alone, the remix is certainly a notable addition to Tiesto’s portfolio. And having been 4 years, it also acts as an opportunity to reflect on how diverse Tiesto’s has been in that time frame and throughout his career. As well as relive the original, one of the most Shazamed track of all time’.

Relive the track and its associated memories, and let us know where it ranks in his list of remixes!

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