Tim Berg’s modern day classic “Bromance” is six years old

After the sad announcement at the end of March that he’d be retiring from touring indefinitely, today we’re taking a look at one of the tracks that put Avicii on the map in the first place.

Bromance was an absolute summer anthem to begin with, but the vocal edit Seek Bromance really acted to cement Avicii’s place as one of the biggest breakthrough’s in dance music.

The infectious piano melody is what sticks out for most of us and transports us back to the early days of Avicii’s music. The well written chords have always been a staple of Tim’s music, but this is definitely one of his most memorable chord progressions. The incredible vocals from Amanda Wilson led to many summer sing alongs and of course who can forget the music video too.

With Avicii finished with the touring this year, we can only hope he’ll produce another classic like this in the future.