Time Warp Argentina cancelled after five deaths

Electronic music events have had their fair share of challenges in the past and drug related deaths at festivals have sadly become an all too common occurrence.  More people have tragically lost their lives as a result of excessive drug consumption at a festival and this time it’s in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires.

Officials in Argentina have confirmed that at least five people have died and a further five are critically ill after taking drugs at Time Warp festival on Friday. Two people died at the event and three others died either in an ambulance or in hospital. The head of the emergency services said the victims were between the ages of 21 and 25 and were suspected of taking drugs that are yet to be identified. Buenos Aires’ emergency service was called after it became clear that private ambulances attending the event were unable to cope.

“We couldn’t stay inside, we couldn’t breathe. It was too hot and there were too many people” one of the participants told local TV channel TN.

Time Warp, launched in Germany in 1994, was in Buenos Aires for the third year in a row. The festival was being held in Argentina on Friday and Saturday. The second night has now been cancelled.

It’s devastating to hear about the loss of innocent lives and our thoughts are with the victims of the tragedy.


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