Track of the week 25/4/16: Kolsch & Michael Mayer – Dogma 1

Many will know Rune Riley Kolsch for his hit single “Calabria” and other popular tunes such as his remix of Kaskade.

However, in the past 3 years Kolsch has ditched the big room for the underground, releasing romantic techno masterpieces such as “Cassiopeia“, “Oma” and “All That Matters” and after setting up his ‘IPSO’ imprint under Michael Mayer’s Kompakt label, he’s just about ready to drop the first release.

“Dogma” is a collection of two tracks produced in collaboration with Mayer and both tunes have been produced using one single synth. Everything from the drums to the bass line and FX were created using an old Yamaha synth which is an incredible feat in itself, but it’s the music that really does the talking here and our choice for track of the week is the first track off this EP, “Dogma 1”.

This is one of those eclectic tracks. This is one of those tracks that plays as you’re watching the stars or as the sun is setting. This is one of those absolutely beautiful compositions that remind you why you love dance music in the first place. Kolsch and Mayer are masters of putting emotion into theur music as it is, but Dogma 1 truly is something special. The incredible arpeggiated synths that run throughout the track are brought to life when the emotionally sublime yet simple bass line kicks in which no doubt will bring out the emotion and the goosebumps within you.

We’re happy to present you with our track of the week for 25/4/16 – Kolsch & Michael Mayer with Dogma 1:

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