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Ultra Miami takes the crown from Tomorrowland after being voted best festival in the world

Ultra has dethroned Tomorrowland from last year’s rankings as the best electronic dance music festival in the world.

Topping DJ Mag’s poll for the best festival’s from all four corners of the globe, the list has received less heat than their Top 100 DJ Poll and their Top 100 Clubs Poll each year. While admittedly far less political, this also means the results are in effect more authentic due to the lack of millions of dollars and promotion behind particular entrants. Outside of their routine promotion anyway.

Coming as a surprise to many given the excitement over the incredible line up for this years edition. However, with the simply epic performances at this years edition, one can hardly deny that Ultra Music Festival Miami 2016 was something rather special!

DJ Mag interviewed Ultra Executives Russ Faibisch, Adam Russakoff, and Charles Faibish about topping the charts. You can check out the entire interview at DJ Mag.

H/T: edmtunes

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