Vassy opens up about her IDMA award, writing vocals, and future projects

For We Rave You, one of our most memorable moments at Ultra Music Festival was when Electronic Music’s vocal star, Vassy, took the stage with Tiesto to perform their massive hit, “Secrets,” produced alongside with KSHMR, and to unveil their new track “Nothing to Lose.”  For someone who had heard the song thousands of times before, there is nothing truly like hearing the vocals come to life like they did that Saturday evening.  Just check out the footage below starting from the beginning of Tiesto’s set:

Luckily after that memorable performance, we had the privilege to chat with the vocalist about that experience, her IDMA award, her inspirations, and her upcoming projects.


We Rave You: You recently opened up with Tiesto at Ultra Music Festival singing “Secrets” and then followed it up by debuting your new record “Nothing to Lose,” how was that?  What is it like being up there on stage in front of all of those people?  I was completely blown away by your voice and it was truly an epic way to open up the set.

Vassy: Thank you so much for the kind words.  It was amazing and the only moment where I feel at peace it seems.  It’s a sensorial experience out of body one where you feel so high on the crowds energy and doing what you love and it being reciprocated… I can’t describe it. It just takes you to another place, transcends you to another level….

We Rave You: Additionally, “Secrets” just won the IDMA for Best Electro-Progressive House Track a few weeks ago. First off, congratulations on the award!  How did that collaboration come about?  What was it like working with a legend like Tiesto and an emerging star like KSHMR?

Vassy:  It was an honor and felt good having won last year for “Bad” and again this year for “Secrets” make me feel like ok, I have to keep doing what I’m doing here. [It was] such an honor to work with a legend like Tiesto and such a talented guy like KSHMR, the two of them and I made a special combination

We Rave You: When you left the studio after having recorded “Secrets,” did you know that track was going to be as successful as it was?

Vassy: I had that gut feeling you get about a song. I had it with “Bad” and I have it with another 2 songs in the works. I just get a gut feeling.

We Rave You: You’ve collaborated with some powerful producers so far, the aforementioned Tiesto and KSHMR, David Guetta, Benny Benassi, and Showtek, are there any producers would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Vassy: Yes, I’d like to work with Diplo, Calvin Harris, Major Lazor, Max Martin, Dr. Luke….and so on…

We Rave You: Your first major adventure into the Electronic music world was your collaboration with David Guetta and Showtek for “Bad,” how did that collaboration come about?  Before it happened, were you a fan of Electronic Music?

Vassy: It was an organic process I had written “Bad” a while back and it took a life of its own.  We created it all by never being in the studio at the same time it was kinda crazy but when Guetta first heard my hook he feel in love with it and I got a call saying Guetta wants to meet you and it went from there. I always liked Electronic Music but was never really in the scene or knew too much about all the EDM DJs, so its kind or interesting now being graced the Queen of EDM.  I feel honored and  it’s a loyal community that’s super committed and dedicated so I feel so blessed to be part of this tight community now.  Every day, I am learning more about all the amazing talents that make this scene and all the supportive fans who give us a platform.

We Rave You: Writing vocals is obviously a little bit of a different process than writing a track, where do you find or get the inspiration for songs?  Do you often see yourself pulling from inspirations within your own life?

Vassy: Yes, I take inspiration from my own experiences but also from life and situations.  Sometimes, it’s not really a true story but true feelings and attitudes that most people can relate too.  I never over think writing, I just have to have it come from an authentic place that feels real.

We Rave You: Where do you see yourself progressing in the realm of Electronic Music? Are there any areas or genres that you would want to work in that you haven’t already?

Vassy: I’m happy in my lane.  I live that I am a cross over POP/EDM artist with Soul.  I’m happy to stay in this lane but keep writing new songs that are different with an edge a bit quirky, soulful and hooky so people can hopefully sing along. [The fans are] able to relate to the song whether its an attitude like “Bad” that empowers you, or moody and dark like “Secrets” that makes you feel more of a seductive intimate journey, or something like my new song with Tiesto that makes you relate because it talks about everyday struggles that we all go through.

We Rave You: What upcoming projects can we expect from you?  We obviously heard “Nothing to Lose,” are there some new tracks that you are able to share with us?  We have heard the rumors of the artist album, are there any more developments on that you are able to share with us?

Vassy: Yes! I am working on my Vassy solo project which I am excited about.  I have a new single with Tiesto, a song with Afrojack, Laidback Luke and a couple of people I can’t reveal yet 😉

Vassy: THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much to Vassy for taking the time out of her day to speak with us!  We cannot wait to see what she has in store for us next.