Adrian Lux’s timeless classic, “Teenage Crime” is six years old today

If there’s one song that defines a period in dance music history, it would have to be one of the all time greats, Teenage Crime (and all of the remixes) from Adrian Lux. Releasing on the legendary Axtone label, owned by the professor himself, Axwell, this track lives long in the memory of all dance fans who got into the genre around 2010, and will always be remembered with close regard for numerous reasons.

The full release package contained, not one, but two incredible remixes from Axwell, including probably the most popular version of this track, his remode alongside Henrik B. The pounding drums in the opening set this one up to be a club smash, but the moment when this track transforms into something else is during that infamous piano breakdown containing a chord progression so emotional and memorable, it continually sends shivers up the spine. The massive climactic drop in the remode dominated festivals for months on end, and is still a hit today for good reason. A complete monster of a remix that turned the original into a total house anthem.

The original of course in itself was already a monster anthem before Axwell but his touch on it, and indeed Adrian Lux’s unique blend of indie and progressive elements gave the original a more laidback, chilled feel than the remixes. Still nonetheless, a phenomenal track in it’s own right. The radio edit even contained an extended outro, with a beautiful acoustic section not found in the other version.

The Axwell remix of course also lives long in the memory, and sits nicely between the remode and original as a more club-orientated version with nice guitar and synth elements. The total house music vibes in the drop section were classic Ax, and give the laidback original a bit of a more dance-driven boost.

As for that extended acoustic outro which was mentioned earlier, the closest thing to this is from the vocalist Lune herself, who sang this track live some years ago which happened to appear on Vimeo as seen below:

What is there that needs to be said about Lune’s vocals? Absolutely beautiful work from the Swede and it could easily be argued that her voice was what made this track into what it is today. An acapella so memorable, it is still dropped to total fan fare in DJ’s sets today. The melancholy, ethereal vibes produced from her voice ensure this will go down as one of the best dance music vocals ever.

Of course, to complete the package there was a lesser known version of Axwell’s remode played out at Sensation White in Copenhagen from June 2010 which not many people know about. Our personal favourite from the remixes, this is a total and utter house music machine, that contains the essence of dance music from the time. Bigger than the original Axwell remix, this was a piece of beauty which sadly never got a full release. However, after fans helped get both the Axwell remix and remode into the Beatport top 10, the professor himself posted onto The Axwell Forum to thank fans for their support, and linked to a studio quality version of the Copenhagen mix for all to enjoy.

Truly one of the best dance music records from the past five years, and a complete masterpiece of art from everyone involved at Axtone, Adrian Lux, Lune, Henrik B and of course professor Axwell, this is a song which will never be forgotten.