Afrojack & R3hab’s collaborative hit “Prutataaa” turns 5 years old today

Afrojack and R3hab have been two of the biggest names in the industry for a number of years now. However, they’ve still come a long way since their collaboration back in 2011 for “Prutataaa“.

Releasing on Afrojack’s label, Wall Recordings, in coordination with Spinnin’ Records, the track signified both artist’s orientation around pulsating Electro House. Long in format, the extended instrumental brought a variety of sounds within the capsule of 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

Opening with warp-like synths, the throbbing deep bass under lays the majority of the track. Fading into arcade-esque melodies the track’s dynamic nature is exemplified by the devolving breakdown using soaring chords. Pulsating in beat, the crafted, more minimal approach to their work 5 years ago didn’t cease to make ears perk and heads roll. Further evolving with building synths and an amalgamation of layers, the tracks vocal FX provided a flurry of hype and energy at its peak.

Undoubtedly a sound many of their fans would like to see return, the career’s of both producer’s have done nothing but ascend, etching their work into the timeline’s and history books of electronic dance music. And with a notable remix by Dada Life to add to the nostalgia, we have a hunch a number of you will be demanding they go full circle and return to Electro house!

Relive Afrojack’s and R3hab’s “Prutataaa” below!

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