Applemoes brings the summer vibes with one of the finest deep-house productions of the month

After his recent deep house track titled “TRAALU”, this up-and-coming talent from The Netherlands is back with another high-quality track. Applemoes, who is known for his astounding signature house sounds, returns for a brand new release called “DAT”, which displays this producer’s skills once again. Keeping the uplifting vibes going, Applemoes switches more toward the style of tropical house for his latest track and it certainly does not disappoint.

“DAT” opens up with an ambient and calming introduction, which sets up the tone for this rejuvenating record. The track then progresses with an impeccable combination of chords, melodies, and synths and transitions into the soothing climatic sequence. With its lovely tropical sounds and addictive beats, Applemoes’ new release is undoubtedly a suitable tune to listen to all summer long under the hot, bright sun.

The track is out now and you can download a free copy here.