Arty takes to Facebook to address fans after controversy over Australian shows

After a couple of gigs down under over the past week, Russian producer Arty received huge backlash from a number of fans who were unhappy with his track selection and mixing for his Sydney gig. This show in particular caused a storm as Arty’s set was delayed for reasons out of his control, and while many expected a “classic trance” set from the Russian, some left disappointed as they didn’t get what they were expecting and so they took to Facebook to vent their frustration.

A few individuals went as far as messaging Arty on his personal Facebook page to taunt him and give him abuse over this. Understandably so, Arty felt very hurt by these comments and so went on his Facebook page today to write a long message to the people who left the Sydney gig unimpressed, but also for the people who have been criticising his track releases as of late, including those who were unhappy with his upcoming track Bloodfire which is due out on Hardwell’s Revealed label this week.

It’s incredible sad to see some of the messages and words people used to describe Arty and his sets, as a fan we sometimes forget that our favourite producer’s and artists are also normal human beings and that their art is extremely personal. It can be very hard for an artist to please themselves as well as trying to accommodate for fans who want a return of their older style. Artists are constantly trapped by their creations, if they continue to make what they always have then people say they never changed, and if they make something different then people complain that they aren’t sticking true to their roots. It’s terrible to see things like this happening, but we can only offer Arty our sincerest support and hope that he can continue to make great music, irrespective of style or genre.