ATB’s classic album “No Silence” is 11 years old today

When people look back over the history of dance music, one of the names who will always stick out is ATB, the legendary German producer responsible for some of the biggest dance hits of the 90s and early to mid 00s such as 9PM and Ecstasy which are now timeless dance music records that will always be fondly remembered.

Eleven years ago today however, ATB released one of his biggest albums yet with “No Silence”. The captivating blend of trance, progressive and chillout took the world by storm and it’s effect is still being felt today, with many of the elements and productions techniques used still being heard of in modern music. The 13 track release was even a hit on the charts, placing 15th in the American dance albums list. The record featuring productions such as the aforementioned “Ecstasy” as well as tunes like “Marrakech” and “Black Nights”.

This is definitely one of those albums that takes you right back to the past, and while the production can at times feel a little dated, it’s still one of the best albums released during the 00s from a producer who ruled the world during that time.

You can listen to “No Silence” below: