Avicii vs. Lenny Kravitz – Superlove is four years old today

While the news that Avicii is retiring from touring after this year has saddened thousands of fans around the world, the good news is that the Swede will continue to produce and put out records, and today we take a look into the vault at one of Tim Bergling’s biggest ever tracks, which also just happens to be one of his best. We are of course talking about “Superlove”, the absolute anthem that was a remix of the original¬†Lenny Kravitz tune.

The glorious chords and groovy banging drums meant this brought back the vibes of house music from 2008 and 2009, despite it being released long after that. This was one of those instantly recognisable tracks that would cause mayhem when dropped live and brought those sexy house music vibes that we all know and love.

For many at the time, this track was their gateway into dance music as it had such a widespread appeal, and really did show Avicii at his absolute and utter best. While he may be halting all touring for the foreseeable future, let’s hope he goes back to making complete anthems like this stormer of a record right here.

So on it’s fourth anniversary, let’s celebrate Avicii and Lenny Kravitz’¬†Superlove: