Axwell Λ Ingrosso tease details of their upcoming anthem “Thinking About You” and quickly delete it from Twitter

Taking to a fairly hectic release schedule over the past number of months, including releases such as Dream Bigger and Dark River, Axwell Λ Ingrosso are preparing themselves for another big summer, and judging by the below photos which have since been deleted off the duo’s respective Instagram accounts, it look’s as though their next release, and what will probably be one of the biggest tracks this year will be the legendary “Thinking About You”.

Originally an Axwell solo production which was debuted around 2010, the record resurfaced around this time last year, with the group playing it again in their sets. It appears as though this tune is going to be heavily promoted just in time for festival season, and rightfully so with the lush piano melodies and superb vocals of Richard Archer putting the emotion back into dance music at a time when many people feel as though it’s going downhill. This feel good anthem will be the perfect soundtrack to those summer nights, and now we just have to wait in heightened anticipation for this god-like creation to be finally released.

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