Axwell & Ingrosso – Thinking About You

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After a monumental campaign in 2015, Axwell /\ Ingrosso certainly kept their momentum going this year with their massive single titled “Dream Bigger“. Both Swedish producers also released well-supported tracks for their respective solo careers, with Axwell delivering the mainstage-slaying “Barricade” and Ingrosso bringing the captivating “Dark River“.

With summer just around the corner, Axwell /\ Ingrosso are now looking to keep the hot streak alive and they do so by releasing their brand new blissful tune called “Thinking About You“. Recently teased by both artists on social media, this track is finally out and is set to dominate the stages of any upcoming festival in the next couple of months.

Introduced by a sequence of stunning piano chords, this record showcases its high quality sounds right from the get-go. Listeners are then met with the track’s striking male and female vocals, which definitely sends out the rejuvenating vibes suitable for any event under the sun. Following the progressive buildup, the vivacious and uplifting climax then ensues and completes this beautifully crafted production from two of the industry’s biggest legends.

With that being said, it’s a huge disappointment as the version released is dramatically different than what expected from the fans around the world. What remains to be seen is that if Axwell & Ingrosso actually release the previously previewed version of the track which made waves across the socials and now that we’re offered this, the excitement for the preview version is hard to contain till further announcement

“Thinking About You” is out now and you can download your copy here.